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The Do’s of Online Matrimony
Mar 10, 2016

Do tell the complete truth about yourself as well:


It is equally important to be true to the other person as well. Initially, you might feel a little apprehensive but it is important to gain confidence of the other person. Remember? Honesty is the best policy.


Put your best picture:


First impression is the last impression.  You might be the most handsome or the most beautiful person alive but if your picture is somehow not matching your looks, you might miss out some interesting matches.


Be friendly but careful:


Try not to reveal much about yourself. Meet in person before talking about certain things like your family life, professional life and all that you want to share. At times, the person may turn out to be different.


Keep your family in loop always:


Your family members should know about your every step. Right from chatting to meeting, you should keep them updated. Initially, you might feel that you should be independent in your approach but your family will be first one to stand by you if a problem occurs. Ultimately, they know what’s best for you.


Do keep a check on your emotions:


It’s very easy to get infatuated with someone online. Don’t let the realities fade into the futile fantasies of online world. Though it’s not wrong to fall in love with someone, a little precaution is required. There are many people online who like fooling others by making fake and fraudulent profile. You might feel the urge to talk to that person/know more about that person but be patient. As such important decisions should not be impulsive.


Last but not the least, it is important to be yourself more than anything else. Just be the way you are. He/she will fall in love with you, they way you are, whether you meet him/her online or offline.


The probability of finding the perfect life partner is more or less even in the real or virtual world. All you need is the desire to meet and know someone, and the spirit of adventure to get you started either way!